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Did you know that most people fail in the first six months of starting a sex toy business?

Learn how to start a sex toy business before you start spending one dime on sex toys and other businesses expenses. Learn who the best companies are in the industry to work with, who you can trust and how to get things done quickly, easily and with little startup costs.

Get started doing things right
the first time- Save money
and time while making sure
you create a business that will
make you a lot of money and
will last for years to come!
Connect with reputable sex toy manufacturers & distributors.
Learn how to get a sex toy website that is customized and runs itself!
Learn how the adult novelty industry works and must have contacts.
Determine what target market you are going to focus on in the field of sexuality.
Learn the legal issues of running an adult novelty business.
Find out where to get education for this profession in sex toys and sexuality.
Get contacts for companies that will work with adult retail businesses.
Learn how to get your customers coming back for repeat sexual product sales.
Learn how to give a sex toy party.
Learn how to start your own sex toy party business.
Learn how to start a sex toy store.
Learn about sex toys and how to best sell them.
Learn how to get free advertising for an adult business.
Learn how to increase your profits from the sales of sex toys.

Find out ways to create a niche in a competitive sex toy industry.

Find out what customers really want in sexual products.
Learn what it takes to manufacturer sex toys.
Learn which is the best sex toy turnkey websites to use and how to market it.
Learn who makes the best sex toys and why.
Learn about the adult industry and how to work within it.
Learn how to avoid business scams in the adult novelty industry.

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& the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS)

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